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You must fulfill the regulations: get the tithe in the mail. Once God gets it, he gives you the return, but you must do your part first. He tells you the law, and then you start it. But, in a way, God started it first because he gave us everything, in abundance.
— John-Roger, DSS

This is your online resource for tithing and seeding, the key spiritual
principles of abundance and prosperity as taught by John-Roger, DSS.
Here you will find a wealth of resources on how to use these
principles as tools to bring more joy and plenty into your life.

This site is sponsored by the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness
(MSIA), a non-denominational ecumenical church dedicated to helping
people become more aware of themselves as a soul and one with God.

Why Tithe?
The most practical information about tithing on the web.
Seeding for what you want
How to do it for yourself & others.
God is Your Partner Television (GPTV)
Watch MSIA-ers living
the spiritual principles of
abundance & prosperity.
“Lord Tithington's” Blog
Paul talks about tithing, seeding, abundance, & prosperity.
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