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You give your tithe as a spiritual duty, the same way you breathe. When you give without looking for results, you are giving openly. That giving is rewarded secretly. That secret rewarding may come as a flash of insight into the heart of God.
— John-Roger, DSS

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Bits and Pieces

1) Following up on the Yen for Saving post on July 25, Ron Beimel reports after doing some Google searches in Japanese that, it is 10,000 Yen ($93) for the WHOLE month. It appears to be a relatively common theme for Japanese game shows. The money is for all food expenses, and energy (gas, electric, and water) for the month. A few tactics used are finding edible wild plants, fishing, keeping a chicken for the eggs, and making homemade noodles. Ron reports that there are TONS of blogs and websites in Japanese dedicated to thrifty living. Thanks, Ron!

2) And for some relief from worry, the New York Times ran this article on some items to scratch from your Things to Worry About list.

3) After reading the above list and this blog, you no doubt will be a little happier because according to LiveScience.com, In two nationally representative surveys of men and women in the United States, the researchers found that happiness and satisfaction with life boil down to the gap between what you want and what you have. And since both factors vary throughout life, so does a person's respective sense of well-being."

The study also found that both men and women believe they need more to be happy as they get older. For example, when asked to choose from a list of 10 items the things they think they will need to achieve happiness, young men and women tended to choose three or four. These items included everything from a home, a car, children, or really nice clothes. In contrast, older men and women picked an average of six items.

The results of the study contain a message for economists and even public policy makers. For one, stuff doesn't equal happiness. "It's generally assumed, including by public policy makers, whether you're healthy and you own a lot of stuff are the two most important things in whether you are satisfied in life, and research consistently does not find this, including this study," said Gregg Easterbrook.

Lead researcher Anke Plagnol, says, "What it means for happiness is quite interesting. It means that when you acquire something in the material goods domain, it will not really increase your happiness because you just adjust your aspirations."

4) And lets end with a lovely seeding sharing from a blog reader: Ive been learning some interesting things about seeding through my long-term regular seeding of relatively small amounts for a love relationship. I have found that something magical happens most days, often completely unrelated to the area for which I think Im seeding. Examples include a rock climb that happens in ideal conditions or with the perfect team. A potentially challenging home improvement project that goes off without a hitch. A sick cat who heals almost overnight from a kidney stone with a change in diet as opposed to an expensive surgical procedure.

More recently, I have become aware of a deeper essence of what it is that Im seeding for: Not necessarily just a romantic relationship, but love, loving in all areas of my life, wherever God brings it forward for me, I am open to the richness of loving and warmth and kindness and strength and gentleness. A deep, long, full breath of loving.

Posted by Paul Kaye at 4:03 PM
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Friday, July 11, 2008

The Arc of a Tither

In GPTV Episode 11, John Morton reads a letter from a tither. I am reproducing the letter here from Alethea Lamb in Northern California, because it so perfectly describes many people's process in such an articulate way.

I've been tithing and seeding for nearly two years now, and keeping a money magnet for about a year. Over the past few months however, due to some unexpected expenditures and tightness with my funds, I lowered my tithe to 1%, and on one month didn't tithe at all. I recently got laid off from my job, and have been even more concerned about how I will be able to 'afford' to tithe. After re-reading 'God is Your Partner', I not only realised that I can't afford not to tithe, but also became aware of the many many blessings and miracles that have been present in my life since I began tithing, that I hadn't necessarily equated at the time with tithing. I think the biggest thing that has happened has been a change in my conciousness. I somehow feel lifted, taken care of, and not concerned or all that attached to money when I am tithing. Things seem to flow, I always have enough, and I feel continuously blessed. I am so happy to be reconnected to my faith and to have God as my Partner. It feels very joyous to be tithing and seeding, and I will continue to tithe the full 10%, as this feels right to me, and like it is the magic number!

Feel free to share your stories. I am thrilled to have this interactive forum to share and record them.

Posted by Paul Kaye at 2:19 PM
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